Thursday, June 30, 2011

What would happen if we all saw more art and less ads? ...

In May 2011 I was one of 25 selected artists to participate in Ads2Art, "a project designed to turn Boulder, Colorado, bike sharing into the most creative and inspired in the country". Each of us selected artists worked on two basket panels-originals art works were auctioned with all the proceeds generated at the auction and through the sale of panels going to Boulder B-cycle; photo reproductions of original art works will be applied to the bikes for a year.

The Ads2Art Gala Evening took place on June 2, 2011 at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. Here is a short video that was made about the event 

You can find some photos here:!/media/set/set=a.215022118529084.61685.147073898657240

Below are my two panels on which I used designs from the Diaguita Indians, native indians from the north of Argentina: 

Mandala for Bikers- Eyes on a Flying Ride. Copyright 2011

Mandala for Bikers- Two Condors. Copyright 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

In Memoriam

Tonight I went to see the movie In Memoriam by director Stephen Cone.
It plays at The Gene Siskel Film Center during this entire coming week (

The movie is made in Chicago and the Film Center describes it as a film
"filled with themes of strange obsession and cosmic connection..."
The main character is Jonathan who finds new purpose in life after
receiving an email mocking the tragedy of a pair of college students,
who he does not know, who fell to their deaths while having sex on a
dorm roof. The couple is found dead and naked on the ground- no
shown but by the discussion on the death we learn details.

As he goes around seeking to understand this tragedy, he finds annoyance
at people's responses who mostly laugh at the idea of dying in such
an unusual manner, they can't understand his irrational motivation that
fuels his desire of knowing the truth about the dead of this couple.
In his quest for finding the truth, he is ended up making a movie
to honor the deceased couple.

The first part of the movie is almost comical and light but in a surprising, unexpected way, takes us into the depth of human connection. The message at the end actually is that what really matters is the human connection.

I further reflected on Jonathan, a male who follows the beat of his own intuition and in doing so, he flow into creative energy, and I found the take refreshing as it portraits a more softer & spiritual side of the male energy.

Wonderfully done. A poem to human connectivity and a lesson in trusting one's own vibes. Good food for the mind and for the heart.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


In Latin America as well as in the Caribbean, Christianity encountered its biggest challenges in trying to merge the traditional beliefs of a region with the deities,  rituals, and beliefs of its local inhabitants. It is my belief that it is the rich spiritual heritage of a country and spiritual resilience of its people that sustains them in times of crisis. And this is manifested by their spiritual beliefs, practices, rituals, and artistic expression.

“Spiritual Resonances”, is an art project I am producing in collaboration with the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts (  & the National Art Gallery in Kingston, Jamaica ( who has invited me to be part of their inaugural arts conference entitled “The Arts: Catalyst for Caribbean Development” that will take place during the second week in October 2011.

“Spiritual Resonance” is a participatory exhibit of paintings exploring the rich spiritual heritage of our humanity through imagery. The viewers will become active participants on the exhibit by responding to the paintings with poetry & sound guided by the lead artist in conjunction with the college music department, jazz musician 
in-residence Orville Hammond The verbal and musical responses produced during the length of the exhibit will become part of the paintings.

“Spiritual Resonances” allows me to bring forward, in a collaborative effort, the essence of my art work as a vehicle and force for the manifestation of spiritual and healing energy thru art. My career as an artist has been fulfilled over the years with art collaborations with art organizations such as Beacon Street Gallery in Chicago, International Conferences such as the International Conference of Educating Cities in Jerusalem, and the Centro Colombo-Americano in Medellin, Colombia, to name just a few.

In times when our world seems to be following a path to self-destruction, “Spiritual Resonances” proposes to reflect on our spiritual roots as a path to establish balance and awareness in our dear planet.

Wouldn’t you want to be part of such endeavor? … 

"Spiritual Resonances" is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. 
If you would like to make a donation in support of this art project, please go to:
to make the donation online. All gifts regardless of size, will be greatly appreciated.


On Saturday June 4th I went to opening & closing event of "The Coasters Show"- a one night only exhibition curated by Diana Soliz. The exhibit was held at Carlos and Dominguez Fine Art Gallery in the Pilsen neighborhood. What a blast of good imagery, laughter, and ton of great art energy!

Diana states about the show "the artists in this exhibit re-purpose the ubiquitous bar coaster into highly personalized works of art. Using the artist trading card as the springboard for the concept of the show, over 25 artists have created a set of miniature art works which will be traded and sold..." 
What interested me the most about this show what its premise of the exchange coasters among the exhibiting artists as well as sell them. The gallery did not take a commission and Diana did not receive one penny either. I learned that the show was time and energy consuming as well as financially draining for Diana. When I asked her "why the artists did not contribute financially toward the production of the show", her response was plain and simple "I could not do that! It would have not be right... it would have been a disservice to them and to the purpose of the show... " 

Ah Diana! That's the spirit! No too many left out there, in the art world, with that kind of integrity.

The participating artists were:  Patricia Acosta, Saul Aguirre, Beatriz Badikian, Adriana Baltazar, Jyl Bonaguro, Patricia Carlos, Inara Cedrins, Miguel Cortez, Tigerlily Cross, Len Dominguez, Erick Garcia, Gregorio Gomez, James Jankowiak, Salvador Jimenez, Antonio Martinez, Naomi Martinez, Bert Menco, Esmeralda Morales, Antonio Pazaran, Jean Parisi, Caroline Paul, Jaclin Paul, Mary Patton, Patty Peixoto, Anne Redich, Ricardo Serment,Chema Skandal, Angela Scalisi, Diana Solis, Omar Valencia, Mariko Ventura, 
Laura Vergara, Rebecca Wolfram.

Diana plans to make this a yearly exhibit event but may be for more than one night. I would like to see it as a traveling exhibit ... Anyone interested in hosting it? ...

If interested in viewing more of her work, here is some links:;
Get your name on the mailing list to receive information on next year coaster event!

Go Diana!